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Book a Room Near Hertford’s Best Tourist Attractions

The county town of Hertford is located in the district of East Hertfordshire and is around 20 miles from the North of London. The history of the town dates back to the 7th Century C.E. before the Norman conquest, and after that, the area gained more significance with the constructions of Hertford Castle. The town also experienced rapid expansion and development in the Victorian era, and since then, it has preserved the stature of a historic market town. It has still kept its medieval layout and this makes it excellent for visitors interested in the history and architecture of the Middle Ages.

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing sites to visit in Hertford.


Hertford Castle

A short distance from the town centre is Hertford Castle. It is an important site with the most fascinating history. Built around the 910s as a point of resistance against the Danes, it was then besieged during the French invasion of 1216, and after things getting settled, the castle’s status changed from a defensive structure to a royal residence. After 1911, the place and what was left of the Castle became a public garden and was opened to visitors.

In recent history, the place has always hosted great events such as Christmas Market, Heritage Day and Autumn Trail. It is also a venue for private events such as civil ceremonies and weddings.

The lovely grounds surrounding the castle are a fabulous resort to spend time in, and this idyllic setting is great for sitting, relaxing and taking a stroll alone or with the company. You can feed the ducks swimming in its wonderful River Lea, or picnic in its tranquil gardens.


Hertford Museum

To learn much more about Hertford on your trip, a visit to the Hertford museum is a must. This local museum presents a diverse collection of objects and handicrafts that uncover the social and natural history of Hertford in the best way possible.

Some of the most important collections in Hertford Museum are:

  1.     Archaeology; with objects excavated by the founders of the museum and commercial field units.
  2.     Images; with pictures of people, events, and local industry of Hertford from the 1860s to the present.
  3.     Addis Archive; with the houseware and brushes that belonged to Addis Factory, a major employer in Hertford from 1780 to its closure in 1996.
  4.     Fine Art & Ceramics; with a collection of around 1200 works of art, and 600 ceramic works.

The museum holds annual events as well as temporary exhibitions, providing an opportunity to learn more about the history of the area. A great example is Bill Clarke’s Hertford exhibition with watercolours of Bill Clarke displaying some of the monumental buildings of Hertford.


Saint Leonard’s Church

Known as Hertford’s oldest building, the Church of Saint Leonard in Bengeo is a Roman church constructed in 1120. For a long time, it has preserved itself as a very important historical site, being a very good example of Medieval architecture with its wall paintings. It also plays an important role for the religious community of Bengeo, as a place for religious services and rituals.

The garden by the main gate of the church provides a great natural atmosphere and a stroll by the surrounding gravestones will have a soothing effect on everybody.

The church is open for prayers every Tuesday, and it accepts guided tours with refreshments from July 18th to September 26th every Sunday. 


Bayfordbury Observatory

A winter trip to Hertford will not be complete without a visit to Bayfordbury Observatory. Although it is a teaching observatory mainly for university students, it holds events for the public during the winter which you can join. The place is great for those interested in science and astronomy.

In the observatory, you can see the most interesting objects in the sky through the telescope and CCD imaging cameras, and you may see expert demonstrations or have a tour around the sky in the planetarium.

In short, there is a lot to learn and with the help of the friendly staff and knowledgeable volunteers, your visit becomes one of the most fruitful ones you have had in years.


Transportation in Hertford

To get around the city and also around Hertfordshire, there is an extensive bus service available, the most important of which is route 724, which links Harlow to Heathrow Airport, through Hertford.

As for rails, Hertford has two major stations in the east and north. Hertford East railway station has two platforms, one for Liverpool Street, and the other for Stratford. Hertford North railway station has three platforms, one for Moorgate, the second proceeding to Stevenage, and the third acting as the terminal for trains coming from London.