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See and Find Perfect Place to Stay in Irvine UK

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Irvine, an ancient settlement, and now a well-governed town has been always a destination for visitors from around the globe. People come to Irvine for different purposes. Some choose it for sightseeing, some for the great geography and the weather, and others simply come for work. Payman club is aware of the need for travellers to find accommodation to stay. Whether for business or leisure, it gives you the opportunity to book a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.
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Book a Room Near Irvine’s Best Tourist Attractions

Located on the coast of the Firth of Clyde in North Ayrshire, Irvine is a town with lots of attractions to see. The weather is cool and wet during the summer and rather cold in winter. River Irvine and Annick Water, the two rivers flowing in the area, are ideal for fishing. The history of the city goes back to Medieval times when it was seen as a royal burgh. Cited as a ‘lost medieval capital’, it has seen the reign of King John I of Scotland, has been a major site of a battle during the Scottish Wars of Independence and has been the headquarters of more than three kings. All of this makes Irvine perfect for any tourist interested in social and natural history.
Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing sites to visit in Irvine.

The Scottish Maritime Museum

The Scottish Maritime Museum has two locations, one in Dumbarton and the other in Irvine. The one in Irvine is located at Irvine Harbour and is one of the best sites you can consider visiting while in Irvine. In the museum, you will learn about the importance of maritime history and shipbuilding heritage for the Scottish people. The linthouse Shipyard building, which is now called ‘Cathedral of Engineering’, is home to a collection of vessels including 1940s Clyde Puffer MV Spartan. It is open to visitors who like to immerse themselves in the life of a vessel that was formerly a lifeline for Scottish islands and coastal regions. To take some refreshment during your visit, you can stop by Puffers Café, and savour its well-cooked wholesome food, and high-quality drinks.

Eglinton Country Park

Eglinton Country Park, with its play area and lovely surroundings, is a great visit for all seasons of the year. There are three walking trails that extend throughout the whole park, and it provides a great area for exploration. It is a great site for anglers too, providing a beautiful setting for fishing. Its adventure playground is suitable for children 8 years or younger, with a larger area for older children as well. Working with the British Horse Society, the park staff have provided great horse-riding facilities, including parking, mounting blocks and easy-open gates, for responsible horse riders. To eat, there is the Tournament Café, with its homemade soups, which is open 7 days a week.

Trinity Church

It will be a great loss if you don’t drop a visit to Trinity Church while in Irvine. Trinity Church is no longer functioning as a church for prayers, but it used to be able to accommodate congregations of up to 750 worshippers until 1966. It has a Romantic Gothic look, with amazing stained glasses, and fascinatingly designed pillars. The height of the building is 51.8m and is situated in the town centre. In 2009, an attempt at its restoration started, which made it one of the most beautiful landmarks in Irvine. Now, it is an active travel hub, able to welcome visitors for work, shop and play.

Transportation in Irvine

To go around Irvine, you can have different choices. If you really want to explore the whole town fully, maybe walking is a nice idea. Moreover, there are biking trails constructed to encourage bicycles as an efficient and eco-friendly type of transportation.
For travellers, the Irvine railway station has two platforms. From Monday to Saturday, four trains go northwards to Glasgow Central, and four trains are southbound to Ayre on Sunday. The station contains several facilities, like seated areas, baby changing services, toilets and shops.