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The Best Serviced Accommodation in Torquay 

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Book Your Short-Term Let Near Torquay Top Sights

Booking a short term let in Torquay and travelling to this mesmerizing city can be a dream come true if you know where to visit. Whether you are in the city for business or you want to explore Torquay during a holiday, there are plenty of places for you to see. Torquay can satisfy everyone’s taste with its fascinating coast, beautiful streets and outstanding architectural design. 

In the 19th century, Torquay started to change its appearance from a small city dedicated to fishing to a fashionable place with the Victorian lifestyle. Today, the nice weather of the city, its top attractions, and the lovely atmosphere of Torquay attract people to witness and marvel at its beauty. Although every corner of Torquay is fantastic and adorable, there are some places that you should not miss after booking a serviced accommodation in Torquay. 

Enjoy the Beauty of the Ocean at Torquay Harbour

During your stay in Torquay, before having your business meeting or even exploring other sides of the city, start your day at Millennium Bridge located at Torquay Harbour. The bridge connects two piers (Princess Pier and Haldon Pier). On an amazing sunny day, when you are feeling sun rays on your cheek, you can look at the ocean and enjoy the sparkles on the bright water. 

You can have a nice stroll around the area and have your morning coffee or tea at one of the many cafes at Torquay Harbour. If you are travelling to Torquay during the summer, you can enjoy many summer activities at the bay, where you are free to walk on the sands, ride a boat and get tanned as much as you like. 

Explore the Exotic Fleet Walk

For shopping lovers, Fleet Walk is like heaven. You can find different kinds of clothes, luxurious and on-budget shoes, beauty and health and many other products there. While visiting the area, the first thing that catches your eyes is the Fleet Market building, which is gorgeous and shiny enough to convince you to go inside. Then your mission begins to find your desired items and purchase them easily. If you ever got tired of shopping, you can have a refreshment at one of the wonderful cafes and restaurants in the area and continue shopping. 

Find Some Excitement at Agatha Christie Mile

One of Torquay’s interesting facts is that Agatha Christie, the famous author and one of the best detective icons in everyone’s mind, was born in this city. If you are a fan who wants to solve a case on your own, you have to visit Agatha Christie Mile and look for the clues that show the names of the characters in her books. 

If you want to dig deep into Agatha Christie’s life more, you can visit Torquay Museum and explore the section which is dedicated to Agatha Christie. Besides this, there are many exciting sections in the museum, such as the Egypt part to visit and learn from. 

Transportation in Torquay

Two railway stations are available in Torquay to help you arrive in this gorgeous city easily.  Torquay railway station is located near the sea, so you can have an amazing view of the water while travelling. Torre railway station is usually full of students who are coming to Torquay Grammar School and leaving it for their homes, but you can use them to reach your destination as well. 

Due to the location of Torquay, boats are available for transportation. Also, for domestic transportation, you can use bus stations to find your way to different parts of the city. Or get a cab or a private car if you enjoy having your privacy.